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Corrects major flaw in Hobby Boss kit which has the wing root positioned too low on the fuselage.




  • Correct wing root height and position
  • Improved and accurate wing root fillets 
  • Designed to match kit wing inertions -- no mods needed to kit wings
  • Improved details, including panel lines, rivets and armor plate
  • Improved and upraded dorsal turret, including detailed ammo cans and gun barrels
  • Instructions


For use with HobbyBoss #83213 & 83214 and with R2D 32088 Landing Gear Upgrade


Skill Level: Advanced. Prior modelling experience highly recommended.  Prior experience with 3D-printed resin parts also highly recommended.


Comes unassembled components to complete the wing root correction & upgrade for one (1) kit.  Instructions included. 


For ages 17+


Made in USA



R2D 1/32 A-26 Invader Wing Root Correction & Detail Set 32086

SKU: R2D32086