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1/72 Wright R-2600-13 Twin Cyclone Detailed Radial Engine Front 2-PAK


Looking for the most detailed R-2600 for your 1/72 B-25, Helldiver or other aircraft? Then, look no further! 


We've taken out all of the grueling work associated with wiring harnesses.  Simply prime, paint and install. {Note, some thinning to inner surface of cowl/nacelle may be needed depending on wall thickness.}


Ages 17+


Made in USA


Diameter is 17.6 mm (approx.)


Exclusively from RESIN2detail.


Scale: 1/72

Manufacturer: RESIN2detail

SKU: RFF72041

FAST-FIX 1/72 R-2600 Detailed Radial Engine Front 2-PAK RFF72041

SKU: RFF72041