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Highly-detailed ACES II ejection seat Ver #1 (Standard Issue)



Extensively researched, designed and printed by R2D in the USA
  • Accurate side profile, shape and dimensions
  • Realistic Nomex cushion design
  • Scale thickness belts and harnesses (integrated)
  • Loads of detail (of course!) including rivets, levers, wire & hoses
  • Minimal support removal required with easier than ever break-points for straight-forward removal
3D-printed gray resin 


2 seats are included!

Captures all of the detail and complex shapes of this modern ejection seat, still in use by US and NATO armed forces! 


Contains realistic fabric textures, folds/wrinkling to belts and other photorealistic details.

FAST-FIX 1/72 ACESII Ejection Seat 2-PAK for F-16 Ver. #1 RFF72052

SKU: RFF72052