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Introducing the ultimate upgrade for you 1/72 R-3350 powered aircraft: the FAST FIX 3D printed R-3350 model aircraft engine with integrated ignition wires.


Crafted with precision and attention to detail, this engine upgrade is the perfect upgrade for your project. Every inch of this model has been meticulously designed and printed to replicate the authentic R-3350 engine front, from the curves of the cylinders to the intricate detailing of the spark plug wires, reduction housing and push rods.



What sets this upgrade apart is the integrated ignition wires, which add an extra level of authenticity and realism to the model. These wires have been expertly integrated into the design, giving the engine a truly lifelike appearance.


Made from high-quality resin, this part faithfully renders even the tiniest detail. Whether you're a seasoned modeler or a first-time enthusiast, this upgrade is the perfect way to take your love of aviation to the next level.


Experience the thrill of aviation history with this 1/72 R-3350 model aircraft engine upgrade. Order yours today and take your collection to new heights.


Please note: 


This specific engine front set has not been designed with any one particular kit in mind — depending on the inner wall thickness of the kit, it may need to be hollowed out to fit correctly.


  • Outer Diameter: 18.3 (mm)
  • Includes: Four (4) Fast Fix Engine Upgrade 
  • Painted model shown for illustrative purposes only - the models you are receiving will be neutral gray and will require painting.
  • Isopropyl alcohol will remove any residual uncured resin - no post processing is needed prior to painting
  • Can be attached to model using regular super glue


(Recommended for modelers 17+ and/or those with experience installing aftermarket aircraft upgrades. Prior modelling experience highly recommended, but not required. As with all resin products, keep dust to a minimum and use water if/when it is sanded.)


Made in USA

Scale: 1/72

Brand: RESIN2detail

Condition: Brand New

Shipping: Free USPS First Class Shipping included

SKU: R2D72045


1/72 FAST FIX Set of 4 Wright 3350-23 DUPLEX CYCLONE Radial Engine Fronts 72045

SKU: R2D72045