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1/48 US Mk IIA Bomb Trolley Resin Diorama Accessory


Used heavily on airfields during World War II and Korea, these useful trolleys were seem ferrying 500 lb and 1,000 lb bombs to awaiting B-17's, B-24's, P-51s and just about every aircraft you could name.  Often "daisy-chained" together and pulled with a tractor tug.


Measures approx. 58mm in length


Comes complete as one piece, as shown. 3D printed. No assembly required.


Scale = 1/48

Manufacturer = RESIN2detail

Condition = Brand New


A few things to keep in mind about 3D printed accessories such as this


  • Patience will be required to carefully remove all support structions (pictured) from the part.  A light filing or sanding may be needed to fully remove marks.  Utmost attention was given to design so as to minimize the number of these supports, and reduce the burden of removal.
  • 3D printer resin tends to be more brittle than traditional cast resin.  Go slow and make sure to use a sharp blade. It will crack if too much pressure is applied
  • For the thicker bottom supports, I tend to use a razor saw to reduce shear stresses and avoid inadvertently damaging the part
  • Wear Optivisors to get in close
  • Wet sand to cut down on dust
  • Attach pieces using CA glue like any other resin part(s)
  • For Ages 17+
  • This product took me approx. 15 minutes to remove from supports from all parts

1/48 US Mk IIA Bomb Trolley Resin Diorama Accessory

SKU: 48090