1/48 R-2800 C (Late) Fast Fix Resin Engine Front Upgrade


Presenting a detailed and accurate late-model R-2800 radial engine in 1/48, complete with integral wiring harness, magneto, distributors and push rods.


Although no assembly is required, a small number of support structures will need to be carefully removed before painting. Also, using this set will likely require adjustments to the kit cowling, depending on the thickness of the plastic. 


Scale: 1/48

Brand: RESIN2detail

SKU: R2D48076



  • Note, this engine is not specifically designed to fit a particular kit at this time.
  • In many cases, will not be a drop fit
  • The outer diameter of the engine is 28.18 mm which corresponds to factory dimensions
  • Some kits may require significant thinning to the inside face of the cowl and / or a significant trimming to the cylinder height.
  • Please measure and make sure you are comfortable with this before purchasing

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1/48 R-2800 Fast Fix Engine Upgrade: Late Model

SKU: R2D48076