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1/48 Curtiss Helldiver seat upgrade 48216


Adds detail to a highly-visible area of the model (open cockpit). 

Choose between 2 versions, below:


A: No Belts (must add own PE or homemade belts), or

B: With realistic seatbelts and harnesses, as shown.


No assembly required.


Some experience working with resin and / or 3D printed parts highly recommended.  It took me about 3 - 5 minutes to carefully remove support structures.  Use flush-cut shears like those by Xuron and a sharp #11 hobby knife. Note, printer resin cures more brittle than old-fashioned resin and is more prone to stress fractures - move slowly and take your time (especially if you are new to 3D printed parts!)


Ages 17+

Made in USA




1/48 Curtiss Helldiver seat upgrade 48216