Designed from the ground up with the ultimate level of detail, accuracy and ease of construction.

You will receive one unassembled 3D-printed kit



Condition=Brand New

These are not cast parts -- they are 3D printed in high resolution which allows not only the fine details to appear, but also allows for


  • integral wires and push rods which would otherwise be almost impossible to cast and mold traditionally;
  • Ease of assembly has been thought of with a low part count. For instance,
    • The accessories case is one piece with the entire intake manifold assembly -- no fiddling with individual intake tubes is necessary.
    • The exhaust tubes attached to the front cylinder are one piece as are the air baffles that sit atop each cylinder, again, saving precious time for the busy modeler.
    • Push rods are preattached to the cylinder head/rocker arms -- and, they drop into place with almost no "fiddling" needed

Also setting this set apart from the pack, in addition to the items mentioned above:


  •  Includes detailed Bendix-Stromberg pressure carburetor, a very complex little piece of equipment almost never seen in scale

Combined with other advantages over traditional resin casting such as zero part shrinkage, zero air bubbles and no massive casting blocks, makes this a sensible choice for the discerning modeler making an F-4U, Thunderbolt F-6F or other WWII-1950s era US aircraft model. Can even be a standalone display model.

Does not come with ignition wires and isn't designed for a specific kit -- can be adapted to a kit of your choosing

Removal of support structures (shown in picture) is necessary, though every effort has been made to minimize impact to the visible areas of the engine.

The built-up engine, shown, took me about 1-1/2 hours to remove supports and glue together with CA. No major experience with resin aftermarket is required since installation is so straight-forward, but some prior modelling experience would be helpful.


1/32 Super-detailed Pratt & Whitney R-2800 Engine Upgrade Kit

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