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1/32 R-2800 A/B (Early) Fast Fix Resin Engine Front Upgradee


Presenting the most detailed and accurate early-model R-2800 (A/B) radial engine front in 1/32 currently on the market.


Comes complete with integral wiring harness, magneto, distributors and push rods.

Used on a wide variety of WWII and Korean War era aircraft.


Although no assembly is required, a small number of support structures will need to be carefully removed before painting. Also, using this set will likely require adjustments to the kit cowling, depending on the thickness of the plastic. 


You can also manually trim the outer circumference to improve the fit in your model, if needed.  Note, this engine is not specifically designed to fit a particular kit.


Comes with one (1) engine front piece.  Please see our full engine listing if you would like to have the entire engine represented.


Scale = 1/32


Only from RESIN2detail!



1/32 R-2800 Fast Fix Engine Upgrade: Early Model

SKU: R2D32050