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1/32 A-26 Invader Resin Oil Cooler Wing Intake Upgrade Set


The Hobby Boss A-26 kit is a great addition to the scale, but could benefit from some refinement to some areas in the wing and nacelle group (see comparison photo in gallery)

Our replacement set was designed to not only remedy the shape issues, but also provide more delicate and refined detail to make your model stand out. This is another correction and upgrade that would be very difficult to create by hand.

Due to the fact kit "surgery" is involved, this set is recommended for experienced modelers only . You can use the kit panel lines as cut guides, carefully scoring along those lines with a sharp hobby knife. The wall thickness is close to 2mm, so time and care will be needed here to ensure a good result.

A sharp hobby knife will also be needed to carefully remove the support structures. Great care has been given to the design and build orientation to minimize layering and pesky support structure residue. It is recommended that the modeler take a slow and methodical approach here, to avoid broken resin parts. While not super brittle, the resin parts will crack under pressure, and are not as resilient as injection molded plastic.


Condition=Brand New

Suited for ages 17 and up

1/32 A-26 Invader Resin Oil Cooler Wing Intake Upgrade Set

SKU: R2D32057