1/32 A-26 Invader Wheel & Hub Upgrade - Diamond Tread


Accurate and detailed set of A-26 Invader Main and Nose Wheels

Comes with delicately designed and accurate diamond tread tires and early-style hubs.


Subtly "bulged" to simulate scale weight.

Scale= 1/32
Condition= Brand New

A Few Notes -

A sharp hobby knife will also be needed to carefully remove the support structures.

Great care has been given to the design and build orientation to minimize layering and pesky support structure residue. It is recommended that the modeler take a slow and methodical approach here, to avoid broken resin parts.

While not super brittle, the resin parts will crack under pressure, and are not as resilient as injection molded plastic.

Suited for ages 17 and up

3D printed.

A note on 3D printed parts – while every effort has been made to minimize support structures (see pic(s) of part w/ supports in gallery), careful attention will be required while removing them to reveal the part. It took me between 2-3 min. (1) Wear Optivisors to get close-in to the part (2) I recommend using a sharp #11 blade to detach points near part attachment point (3) Use flush-cut shears to break off said supports near base/float. (4) Use razor saw to carefully detach/remove supports along bottom face. This is the method that I used; message me if you used a different method and it worked quicker/easier and I will share.


1/32 A-26 Invader "Bulged" Wheel & Hub Upgrade - Diamond Tread

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