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Perfect for Devastator or early SBD kits from any manufacturer.


This is an early war 0.30 single mount MG (30 Caliber Browning machine gun).


Loaded with detail


  • Ring and Bead Sites
  • Accurate gun mount
  • Ammo feed bin
  • Spent casings bin
  • Early war flash suppressor

Printed in high-resistance ABS resin to resist breakage.  It took me roughly 5-10 minutes to remove printing supports using a sharp #11 blade and flush trimmers.


Prior experience working with 3D printed resin detail parts recommended, but not required.


Come with four (4) resin machine guns, as pictured.


Made in USA.

Intended for modelers ages 17+


Scale: 1/72



1/72 SBD-1 FAST-FIX 0.30 Resin Single-Barrel Tail Stinger 72048

SKU: RFF72048